Have you ever questioned why so many eat so little and gain so much?  Or after faithful efforts of a twenty pound loss, reached a plateau and given up?

Fat is not just about food, is it?  It's about healing the "whole" person.  Over the years, we have seen hundreds of weight loss methods come and go.  Why have so many failed as we've continued to have successful new growth each year?  There can only be one answer - the program works! 

We hope that you too, will find this program inspiring enough to begin your "last diet" and find a
"weigh out" of the diet dilemma.

Come meet our friendly staff and learn more about this inspiring program. We can't wait to meet you!

"Whatever you are afraid to do now is the very thing you need to do next."
"Like most women my age, I've read enough books on diets to get a Ph.D. Your book is by far the absolute best! Especially for women! We need to understand and encourage the entire wellness of our beings- so we can help lead the way to heal ourselves, our families, and our planet. Healing begins with the self."

- Shelly Bolling
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